Holiday Flea Markets! December 04 2016

Here we are, Holiday season is well on its way and let the shopping begin!

I thought I would update you all on the cool Flea Markets that I will be a part of this holiday season.

This weekend you can find select Gwashali styles at the Holiday Collective Show at Artscape Youngplace until December 6th.

Next weekend, December 10th and 11th I will be holding it down at the Parkdale Holiday Flea. I will be selling the entire new Wambo Collection and pieces from my previous collections. I will  also be featuring in-store exclusives, cute chockers, anklets and bracelets!

On December 20th, I will be having fun at the Bunz Flea Market at the Gladestone Hotel an evening of holiday shopping and more!

And of course, the online store via will be open until December 29th! And shipping will resume on January 16th.

Looking forward to selling you something special!


The Wambo Collection Launch! November 25 2016

Cultural heritage is the legacy and expression of unique attributes of a social group that are inherited from past generations, maintained in the present and bestowed for future generations. This collection introduces these unique attributes, with a range of jewelry, art and head gear that seeks to celebrate the legacy and expression of the Ovambo people.

This is a massive celebratory moment for me; over the past few months I have had several moments of intense anxiety just coming to terms with the weight of this venture but it has been so exhilarating working on a collection with such great significance.

The Wambo Collection is start of a long journey, through which I dive deep into my culture to discover, celebrate and share the Ovambo tradition through my jewelry

I am honored to share this collection with you all, and in less than 48hours it will be online!

Thank you for your support.

AfroPunk Festival 2016 October 09 2016

"It's Punk Rock to be Black in America: Afropunk festival Pushes The Movement." -NPR

The Afropunk festival has been talking place since 2005 in Brooklyn, New York. This year, I finally had the opportunity to visit the festival which took place at the Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn. I tell you, It's no surprise that this movement has spread to Paris, Atlanta and now London! 

I had the privilege enter into a very powerful creative space. As SPIN put it, "things that are seen as eccentricities elsewhere are accepted as essential expressions of blackness". I turned into a photographer trying to capture and hold onto all of the beauty I witnessed, in all its complexities.

As an African artist, it was so refreshing to share a space with other artists (of colour) that are so proud to be who they are. I left feeling motivated and inspired as I am reminded that I'm not on this journey on my own.

Explore the magic the my lens.

The Artist's Journal August 22 2016

I’m on this road of immense self-discovery as a self-proclaimed artist. My truth is my love for jewelry making and over the years this is a continuous challenge. I feel I distance myself from this passion, not knowing how to find the balance between life and my art as if they are somehow mutually exclusive. I recognize that all you see is the silence and space that exists between my last collection and my nex but what is an artist without vulnerability? The truth of my journey is in my work but also in my silence. 

Gwashali continues to grow and through the silence, I have been exploring the ways which I can dig deep into my identity, my culture, my heritage and celebrate this all through my work. The journey never stops, I invite you to follow Gwashali as I work on a new collection for Spring 2017.

Thank you for all of your continued support and patience as Gwashali evolves.

The Krobo Summer 2015 Collection March 03 2015

This year’s summer 2015 collection is inspired and centred on the Krobo bead, named after the Krobo people. This intricate style of powder glass beads originates from Ghana, commonly produced by Krobo craftsmen and women of the South-Eastern region. In the Krobo culture, these powder glass beads have great symbolic significance. they can represent different stages of maturity, wealth, beauty, social status, power, authority and identity. 
As I learn about Krobo beads, I am taken back by how unique the process of making these beads is. Different types of recycled glass are finely ground, then distributed in molded clay kilns and fired until the glass fuses. Different sequences on the glass are formed by layering different coloured ground glass and beads can even be decorated with glass slurry decorations which become fused in a second firing. It is this intricate process that strongly inspired me to seek out these beads and to create a collection that celebrates Krobo culture and the significance and beauty of Krobo beads.
This summer 2015 collection features two types of Krobo beads, fused glass fragment beads and 'Mue ne Angma' beads which have decorations fused onto the glass beads. I have thoughtfully combined a range of Krobo beads, with Pyrite, Titanium plated Quartz, Brass, Ebony Wood and Bone to create beautiful pieces that convey our brand philosophy - purpose, value, appreciation and collaboration. Every piece is named after cities across the South Eastern region of Ghana and the collection by the people themselves.

Permaculture Living Convergence Showcase February 22 2015

Hi everyone! Here are a few pictures from the Permaculture Living Convergence. The weather has not been very kind to us here in Toronto but the snow is not stopping Gwashali! We set up a beautiful showcase and had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people. There is such great value in being able to share Gwashali with people and making them a part of this journey.  Thank you to everyone that stopped by! See you soon.