AfroPunk Festival 2016 October 09 2016

"It's Punk Rock to be Black in America: Afropunk festival Pushes The Movement." -NPR

The Afropunk festival has been talking place since 2005 in Brooklyn, New York. This year, I finally had the opportunity to visit the festival which took place at the Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn. I tell you, It's no surprise that this movement has spread to Paris, Atlanta and now London! 

I had the privilege enter into a very powerful creative space. As SPIN put it, "things that are seen as eccentricities elsewhere are accepted as essential expressions of blackness". I turned into a photographer trying to capture and hold onto all of the beauty I witnessed, in all its complexities.

As an African artist, it was so refreshing to share a space with other artists (of colour) that are so proud to be who they are. I left feeling motivated and inspired as I am reminded that I'm not on this journey on my own.

Explore the magic the my lens.