The Artist's Journal August 22 2016

I’m on this road of immense self-discovery as a self-proclaimed artist. My truth is my love for jewelry making and over the years this is a continuous challenge. I feel I distance myself from this passion, not knowing how to find the balance between life and my art as if they are somehow mutually exclusive. I recognize that all you see is the silence and space that exists between my last collection and my nex but what is an artist without vulnerability? The truth of my journey is in my work but also in my silence. 

Gwashali continues to grow and through the silence, I have been exploring the ways which I can dig deep into my identity, my culture, my heritage and celebrate this all through my work. The journey never stops, I invite you to follow Gwashali as I work on a new collection for Spring 2017.

Thank you for all of your continued support and patience as Gwashali evolves.