The Wambo Collection Launch! November 25 2016

Cultural heritage is the legacy and expression of unique attributes of a social group that are inherited from past generations, maintained in the present and bestowed for future generations. This collection introduces these unique attributes, with a range of jewelry, art and head gear that seeks to celebrate the legacy and expression of the Ovambo people.

This is a massive celebratory moment for me; over the past few months I have had several moments of intense anxiety just coming to terms with the weight of this venture but it has been so exhilarating working on a collection with such great significance.

The Wambo Collection is start of a long journey, through which I dive deep into my culture to discover, celebrate and share the Ovambo tradition through my jewelry

I am honored to share this collection with you all, and in less than 48hours it will be online!

Thank you for your support.