Mission Statement

The inspiration behind Gwashali as a brand originates from the depth travel and various cultural identities. My aim is to design and

create handcrafted jewelry that is artistic, detailed and emotionally charged. I am creating jewelry that inspires you

to become a visionary that is passionate about art and authenticity— intentionally wearing Gwashali as form of self-expression. My aim is to build and

maintain a brand that conveys four key messages; purpose, value, appreciation, and collaboration, to uphold our slogan,

“Jewelry with a deeper meaning”.  Gwashali stands apart from it's competitors because my brand philosophy is driven by real life

experiences. I am committed to consistently creating handcrafted jewelry that is made with natural materials and metals. In

a business that recognizes and encourages the success of all its members and demonstrates the determination to build

meaningful and lasting relationships with suppliers and everyone that I work with. I seek to engage with my

customers on multiple platforms as a way to share my brand and products. Moreover, my overall values are guided by my

desire to embrace and celebrate cultural difference.